Lindsay Foley

My travel blog site

Come Fly With Lindsay

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My travel blog which I launched in November 2016!

I designed and coded it using PHP, Markdown, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Foundation 6.

The Walt Disney Travel Co. website

Disney Holidays

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I co-developed this site to make it adaptive/responsive using the Foundation framework and RESS principles, allowing us to dynamically serve content by device type.

Jesus In Action website

Jesus In Action

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This website underwent a complete refresh to modernise it. It's written in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Foundation 6.

The Perfume Mistress website

The Perfume Mistress

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This site is built on the Squarespace platform as my client required a site that was transactional. I added bespoke CSS and JavaScript to customise the Hayden template.

Hayes Dashwood Foundation site

Hayes Dashwood

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I updated the design and functionality of this website. It was written in HTML5, CSS, jQuery and uses the Google Maps API.

Selfridges website


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I worked on the new site launch in 2014, migrating and developing new responsive content as well as new HTML emails.

Hopelands Cattery website

Hopelands Cattery

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I designed and developed this site using HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Slick carousel and the Google Maps API.

White Stuff website

White Stuff

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My first dev role! I created web content and weekly HTML emails using XHTML4, CSS3 and jQuery.

Paw Print Productions website

Paw Print Productions

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I co-developed and designed this responsive site many years ago (2011!) using HTML5, CSS3 and a bit of jQuery.